Holistic Concept of ECORISK
ECORISK: Ecological Regime Shifts & Systemic Risk in Coupled Social-Ecological Systems
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The research training group (RTG) 'Ecological Regime Shifts and Systemic Risk in Coupled Social-Ecological Systems (ECORISK)' starts at October 1st, 2024

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ECORISK delves into the causes and consequences of ecological regime shifts in socio-ecological systems. Rapid socio-economic changes have tightly interconnected ecosystems and human activities, leading to systemic risks. These regime shifts, sudden transitions in ecosystems, can trigger cascading effects globally. ECORISK, with its interdisciplinary team and holistic approach, investigates these shifts, their risks, and how different actors perceive them. It focuses on ecosystem dynamics, human activities, and governance, using intensive agriculture as a guiding example. Case studies span regions in Europe, the US Midwest, and South America, examining contrasting contexts. By integrating research and doctoral training, ECORISK aims to generate novel insights and equip a new generation of scientists to tackle complex environmental and societal challenges effectively.

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