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Research Training Group 2900 "nanomaterials@biomembranes"

The Research Training Group 2900

The mission of “nanomaterials@biomembranes” is to offer interdisciplinary research training at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics. The research program will be focused on developing novel biophysical techniques to resolve dynamic processes at lipid membranes from mesoscopic down to atomic scales. For this purpose, we will exploit the unique electronic and optical properties of emerging nanomaterials to achieve interrogation and manipulation of biological processes with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. Projects are organized into highly collaborative, interdisciplinary clusters, each of which is aligned with an overarching aim. Dedicated research training will be complemented by a tailored qualification program to ensure efficient onboarding, successful completion of the PhD project and optimum preparation for further career steps.

Group Picture of the Members
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The current members of the RTG "nanomaterials@biomembranes"


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RTG Speaker Seminar: Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze - Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Photochemistry of Complexes with Earth-abundant Metals

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RTG Speaker Seminar: Dr. Annamaria Zaltron - University of Padua

Optical tweezers to investigate the biological world at the single-molecule level

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RTG Speaker Seminar: Prof. Dr. Pascal Jonkheijm - University of Twente / MESA+

Biomedial Applications of Supramolecular Chemistry