Accessibility statement

This Accessibility statement applies to

Osnabrück University endeavors to make its website accessible in accordance with Section 9b of the Lower Saxony Disability Equality Act (NBGG).

These websites are largely reconcilable with the harmonized European Standard EN 301 549 V2.1.2 (08-2018).

Non-accessible content:

  • Not all graphics or images contain alternative texts
  • Not all Video formats contain subtitles, no video contains audio description at present
  • Some PDF files are non-accessible
  • There are some applications embedded whose accessibility status cannot be influenced by those responsible for the website

The content referred to is non-accessible for the following reasons:

  • It has not been possible to change various documents from office applications to an accessible format as yet
  • Some of the documents made available by third parties (e.g. other organizations) do not exist in an accessible format
  • Audio transcription cannot be added to videos due to heavy workload

The bodies responsible at Osnabrück University are working continuously to improve accessibility in accordance with their technical and operational capabilities.

Preparation of this Accessibility Statement

This statement was created on September 26, 2023. The assessment is based on knowledge of the technical framework of the content management system. An assessment by an external agency is planned for 2024.

Feedback and contact details

Shortcomings with respect to compliance with accessibility requirements can be reported via the following contact:


In the event of an unsatisfactory response from the above contact, you may submit a request to the arbitration board set up with the State Officer for People with Disabilities in Lower Saxony for the initiation of arbitration proceedings in accordance with the Lower Saxony Disability Equality Act (NBGG).

The arbitration board pursuant to Section 9 d NBGG has the task of resolving disputes regarding accessibility in IT between people with disabilities and public offices in the Federal State of Lower Saxony. Arbitration is free of charge. No legal assistance is required.

You can contact the arbitration board directly on:

Phone: +49 511 120 4010 and at